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  1. Tesla cuts prices across its lineup

    Tesla Cybertruck Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Last night Tesla reduced the price of their cars across the board on their website. Likely the result of the pandemic affecting everyone's financial status. The Model 3 saw a price reduction of $2,000, now starting at $37,990. The Model S saw a reduction of $5,000 with its new starting price...
  2. A Model 3's Steering Wheel Falls Off While Driving

    Tesla Cybertruck General Discussion Forum
    Let's hope this doesn't happen with the Cybertruck and other Teslas. A Model 3 driver had to deal with his steering wheel falling off while he was driving.
  3. Tesla Model 3 is Britain's Best-Selling Car

    Off Topic Discussion
    Last month the Tesla Model 3 became Britain's best-selling car. The first time an EV has done so. The second best-seller for the month was another EV, Jaguar's I-Pace. There is a large asterisk as Britain's new car sales dropped staggering 97 percent as the country went into COVID-19 lockdown...
  4. Tesla Model 3 is 45% of South Korea’s EV Market

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    According to Clean Technica, in the first quarter of 2020 the Tesla Model 3 held approximately 45% of all EV sales in South Korea. EV market share in South Korea rose to 3.3% in March, and 2.3% in the first quarter as a whole.
  5. Tesla sales are down in Europe

    Tesla Cybertruck General Discussion Forum
    It looks like Model 3 sales are taking a big hit in Europe for Q1. Tesla sold 3,074 units in Q1/2020 which is down from 18,373 units in Q4/2019, and from 9,432 units in Q1/2019.