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  1. Tesla cuts prices across its lineup

    Tesla Cybertruck Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Last night Tesla reduced the price of their cars across the board on their website. Likely the result of the pandemic affecting everyone's financial status. The Model 3 saw a price reduction of $2,000, now starting at $37,990. The Model S saw a reduction of $5,000 with its new starting price...
  2. Tesla Model S station wagon is on sale for $200,000

    Off Topic Discussion
    A one-off, custom-built Tesla Model S station wagon is currently listed for sale on JB Classic Cars for a whopping $202,000 ( €185,555). It was made by a Dutch coachbuilder and is called the Model SB (Shooting Brake). If I had $200,000 to blow this is something I'd make an offer on.