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  1. West Coast Customs Cybertruck

    Tesla Cybertruck Pictures
    Who wants to see a shop like West Coast Customs get a hold of a Cybertruck? I do because I really like this shade of orange.
  2. Build Your Own (Paper) Cybertruck!

    Tesla Cybertruck General Discussion Forum
    If you're looking to kill some time while you're in quarantine then you can put together your own paper Cybertruck with this template. It even comes with a paper Elon Musk!
  3. Tesla employees test positive for Coronavirus

    Tesla Cybertruck News
    Two Tesla employees have tested positive for Coronavirus according to an internal company email. It's crazy considering how Musk downplayed the Coronavirus when it started...
  4. SupercarBlondie buys a Cybertruck

    Tesla Cybertruck Videos
    Supercar Blondie has placed an order fr a Cybertruck. She posted this video on Facebook this morning. She opted for the tri-motor version with the self-driving feature.
  5. Fake Cybertruck in Ukraine

    Tesla Cybertruck Pictures
    A fake Cybertruck has been spotted driving around Ukraine. Based on the photos it looks to be similarly sized to a Model X!
  6. Tesla is Remotely Removing Features On Used Vehicles

    Tesla Cybertruck General Discussion Forum
    Jalopnik is reporting that Tesla is removing features like Autopilot and Ludicrous mode from used cars after they’d been purchased by people who bought the cars with those features enabled. This is pretty nuts considering that this doesn't happen to other used cars. It's not like you buy a...
  7. Tesla Cybertruck Cyber Hitch Development Underway

    Tesla Cybertruck General Discussion Forum
    People are already developing aftermarket parts for the Cybertruck! Behold! The Cyber Hitch, "non-intrusive (flush mount), full-motion 5th-wheel hitch". It would accommodate a gooseneck-style trailer. The hitch is located in the bed of the truck instead of by the back bumper. It uses a 6-inch...
  8. Tesla Semi spotted coming back from winter testing

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    A Tesla Semi prototype was spotted being transported from Tesla’s winter testing facility in Alaska ahead of the start of production. The photo was apparently taken in Oregon and the truck carrying the Semi had Alaskan license plates. There's no doubt it's heading straight for California.
  9. Tesla files patent for sourcing self-driving training data from its vehicles

    Tesla Cybertruck General Discussion Forum
    Tesla has has recently field a patent for a way to source training data from its customer vehicles in order to train its self-driving neural network. The patent was filed for Tesla, but Andrej Karpathy, Tesla’s head of AI and Autopilot software, is named as the sole inventor on the application...
  10. Richard Hammond goes on a road trip in a Tesla Model X

    Tesla Cybertruck Videos
    Richard Hammond and his wife go on a 500 mile road trip in a Model X from the southwest of England to the northwest. It's apparently the first time Hammond has used a supercharger and gone on a long trip in an EV. It's really funny seeing him enjoy the Model X so much.
  11. Tesla Cybertruck Interior, Hidden Features & Considerations

    Tesla Cybertruck Videos
    This is a great video that goes through some of the Cybertruck's "hidden" features that haven't been talked about nearly as much since the Cybertruck's unveiling. The video talks about things like: T slots in the truck bed L tracks below the truck bed lighting strips Storage in the sail...
  12. When Will I Get My Cybertruck?

    Tesla Cybertruck Videos
    YouTuber Get In2uit with Christine goes looks into when we can realistically see Cybertruck orders being fulfilled. She predicts that Tesla will get through all their pre-orders 1.5-2 years after their first delivery.
  13. Tesla Cybertruck - Trailer

    Tesla Cybertruck Videos
    If this doesn't get you excited for the Cybertruck I don't know what will!
  14. Tesla Cybertruck Service Vehicles

    Tesla Cybertruck Pictures
    Soon we're going to be seeing Cybertruck's all over the place, not for personal use but commercial use as well. In anticipation for that here are some cool renderings of what they could look like as service vehicles! AA Van Domino's Pizza Delivery Truck NYPD Police Truck Her Majesty’s...