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I've been keeping an eye on the Portal because the Portal concept also promises a revolutionary approach to transportation, and is reportedly planned for production.

So I did some digging and it looks like Chrysler filed a new trademark application for the Portal.

Reports as of Fall 2018 had Chrysler planning to put the Portal electric concept van into production by 2020. FCA previously had two trademarks for Portal: one was specifically for use on a concept vehicle, and another for motor vehicles (i.e. for production).

That last trademark application was to have lapsed April 4, as FCA had exhausted all time extensions for putting the name into use (Trademark Status & Document Retrieval).

The new application was filed April 3, starting the process over again. It essentially recognizes the previous application was going to die, but indicates FCA still intends to produce the Portal.

I think the Cybertruck is going to resonate with more customers, but the Portal is one of the few examples of completely innovative and refreshing thinking that I'm seeing from the legacy old-tech automakers.

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