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What's the point of having a Cybertruck if you don't have a Cyberhouse to park it in?

Modern House Architecture & Design designed the house with the idea of what would be the appropriate place for a Cybertruck owner.

Alex Wizhevsky, chief architect at Modern House Architecture & Design, believes that the car would make the most sense for a group of zombie apocalypse survivors and designed the house to be a fortress for them.

"When I saw the presentation of Elon Musk's Cybertruck, I had a question: 'what would the owner of such a car be like', because this car is a super protected armoured car," Wizhevsky told Dezeen.

"Apparently, it was created in order to survive in extreme conditions. It seems to me that we need a well-protected house, a fortress, a bunker, where you can safely survive any threat."

The home takes its faceted form directly from the Cybertruck, which the studio describe as a "post-apocalyptic pickup truck".

The house's slanted walls would be made from reinforced concrete and clad in steel to match the car's finish. It would be complete with shielded windows, metallic blinds and airlocks for security.

The three-storey home is built around the Cybertruck with the house's two arms extending on either side of garage entrance.

This main entrance would lead to a central atrium containing an elevator that would lift the car up to the second floor. Bedrooms and living spaces would be arranged around this atrium on the ground floor, with a roof deck above.

"Six or seven people can wait for it [a zombie attack] all to blow over here in comfort, taunting zombies outside in complete personal safety," said the studio.
Tesla Cybertruck Cyberhouse

Tesla Cybertruck Cyberhouse

Tesla Cybertruck Cyberhouse

Tesla Cybertruck Cyberhouse
Tesla Cybertruck Cyberhouse
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