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The average transaction price (ATP) among Cybertruck reservation holders is approximately $62,554 according to an analysis of data crowdsourced by more than 1800 members of the Tesla enthusiast community and shared with CybertruckTalk.com. Although the base model Single Motor Cybertruck begins at $39,900 Tesla is on track to sell a majority of Cybertrucks for far greater than the entry price of $39,900.

All Orders - Average Transaction Price: $62,554
Single Motor ATP: $44,012
| Base Price: $39,900
Dual Motor ATP: $54,446 | Base Price: $49,900
Tri Motor ATP: $75,448 | Base Price: 69,900

A majority of Cybertruck reservation holders have opted for the full self-driving option that adds $7,000 to the cost of each Cybertruck. Below is the percentage of reservation holders, by trim, who opted for the full self-driving option:

Single Motor with FSD: 58.74%
Dual Motor with FSD: 64.94%
Tri Motor with FSD: 79.25%

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