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Hot Wheels 1:10 Cybertruck Delayed to May 2021

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If you were hoping to get the 1:10 Hot Wheels Cybertruck model, keep waiting:

A Redditor Just got the following email:
We’re sorry to report that shipments of this item have been delayed due to unexpected challenges in this increasingly unpredictable year. Our team is working diligently to get this item to you as soon as possible. We know how eager you are to receive your 1:10 Hot Wheels® R/C Cybertruck(s).
However, to fulfill your order by the new backorder date, we need you to confirm that you still want to receive your Cybertruck(s). You’re receiving this email because the FTC requires us to get your confirmation to hold your order when a delay will be more than 30 days beyond the original intended ship date. You must contact us to confirm your order before this new ship date to avoid cancellation: May 1, 2021
Also had some other info:
  • Carrying case
  • Battery spec update: Due to production challenges related to COVID-19, we wanted to share a change in the Cybertruck’s battery specifications. The new battery is a 9.6v @ 3Ah LiFePO4 model, with one hour of charge time and 30 minutes of run time. Don’t worry, this change shouldn’t affect its overall performance – it just means that it can reach up to 250mph scale speed!
A bit disappointing that we didn't get an update until now...

Edit: and just got another email that the 1:64 is also delayed to May 2021
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