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Introducing Cyberland Bound

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Hey all - we've organized a small team of reservation holders to drive a convoy of Cybertrucks across the United States off pavement along the TransAmerica Trail. We posted a video of our proposed route in the video forum. More details about the expedition and our team are on our website, and we look forward to planning and discussing more details of the expedition during the long wait for production and delivery....

YouTube Introduction
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Nice to meet you @Cyberland Bound! I think it'd be really cool if other electric pickups joined the trip as well. It would be great to see them got head to head.
Agreed, we are still considering how best to incorporate other electric pickups into the convoy, assuming other competitors are able to release a product in time to be included.
Glad to hear it! I look forward to hearing more updates from you guys about the trip!
We are keeping the team pretty small for logistical reasons. 5 reservation holders. We hope to see a lot of folks for drive-alongs as we make our way across the country, so that should be a good way for anyone that’s interested to get a piece of the electric overlanding life!
Makes sense, especially since we don't know how things will look with coronavirus. Have the 5 people reserved different models or are they all the same?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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