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Tesla has a added a pretty big piece to their board of directors by bringing in Hiromichi Mizuno.

Mizuno has previously worked with Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund, where he managed the largest pension investment fund in the world: a fund totaling $1.5 trillion. He was both Executive Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer.

Mizuno’s career in finance and investment has spanned many cities across the globe: Tokyo, London, New York, Hong Kong, and Silicon Valley.

TechCrunch writes that Tesla’s newest board member has a long stance against short selling and is a longtime opponent of it. Mizuno also promoted environmental, social, and good governance practices during his time with Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund. His gift of challenging short selling is just a sweet bonus for Tesla, since short sellers do more than just short Tesla’s stock — they spend a great deal of time and resources attempting to smear Tesla’s reputation.

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