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The city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, is going to reshape its police vehicle lineup with an order for 15 Tesla Cybertrucks.

Mexican news outlet El Imparcial first reported last Friday on the Cybertruck order after San Luis Potosí Mayor Adrian Esper Cardenas provided the official word on the order. The mayor said the order was an act of "common sense" since the city expects drastically lower maintenance costs compared to its fleet of gasoline-fed vehicles. Electric cars are notoriously simpler to maintain with fewer moving parts.

In addition to serving the community, Mayor Cardenas said the electric trucks will also be used for various other tasks in the city such as moving water pipes and shuttling garbage containers about.
The city's commitment to Tesla consists of 10 dual-motor models and five of the tri-motor pickups. It's not clear which will be put to work for city maintenance and other tasks and which of them will wear a local police livery, but the city has put its money where its mouth is.
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