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Musk: 'Demand For Cybertruck Is Above What Tesla Can Do In 4 Years'

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Elon Musk believes Tesla will not be able to meet the current Cybertruck demand in less than three or four years of production.

Musk was asked about how many Cybertrucks they could deliver and he responded “We don't comment on those detailed numbers, except the demand is just far more than we could reasonably make in the space of, I don't know, three or four years, something like that.”

From InsideEVs:

According to Musk, the biggest issue is not the production capacity of Fremont alone, but also the number of batteries Tesla can have. Unless the company drastically increases the availability of these components, it may be ahead of a significant bottleneck.
“The thing we're going to be really focused on is increasing battery production capacity because that's very fundamental. If you don't improve battery production capacity, then you end up just shifting unit volume from one product to another and you haven't actually produced more electric vehicles.”
That would be “part of the reason” for the Semi production to have been pushed to 2020 instead of 2019 like Tesla previously planned.
“That's part of the reason why we have not, for example, really accelerated production of the Tesla Semi. It does use a lot of cells and unless we've got a lot of battery cells available, accelerating production of the Tesla Semi would then necessarily mean making pure Model 3 or Model Y cars. We've got to really make sure we get a very steep ramp in battery production and continue to improve the cost per kilowatt/hour of the batteries. This is very fundamental and extremely difficult.”
The other reason for that not to happen is probably the limited production capacity. Musk did not address how Tesla plans to solve that, perhaps because no analyst insisted on that. All the Tesla CEO said about this situation was this.
“I have never seen actually such a level of demand at this – we've never seen anything like it, basically. I think we will make about as many as we can sell for many years. So, we'll sell as many as we can make. It's going to be pretty nuts.”
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