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Thank you. It was a great 24 years and I'm glad I was able to serve.
My truck has a "supplemental cab heater" which means if it's cold enough outside, it heats up the cab immediately from the start with a resistive heat element in the ducts. I'm hoping the Cybertruck has that. Hey, I'll make a short list of things I already have that I haven't seen confirmed for the Cybertruck that I hope Tesla includes.

I haven't seen these things confirmed and they may not be in the Cybertruck. Maybe they aren't necessary, but this is MY list, so there.

1. Off road vehicle stats: Wheel turn angle, incline %, tilt %, which wheels are currently powered, etc.
2. Built-in Trailer brake controls. You need the ability to apply JUST trailer brakes in the event that it starts fish tailing. Of course, maybe the CT will be able to do that on it's own in which case I need to know that it is being activated so I can adjust my trailer load or speed before it gets beyond the CT's ability to control.
3. Tailgate step. Though, I suppose the ramp is better. I hope it doesn't get bent up or scratched deeply when used on rougher terrain. Perhaps some kind of bumpers you can put on before lowering the ramp.
4. Mirrors... Okay, this is just because I'm used to looking to my left to see what's in that lane. It'll be a change to look to the center to see what's over there but I guess I'll get used to it. Also, mirrors are required right now though cameras SHOULD be allowed especially with the advances in cameras and monitors.
5. Option to have the back half of the roof done in solar panels instead of glass... same with the bed. If they can get ~15 miles a day from the bed, maybe they can get that up to ~20-25 if they include the roof... I drive 20 miles a day now and have to park outside all day. It would be a mind trip if it were possible to keep it topped off just from Solar!
6. That Tesla Trailer! I have a 30' enclosed car hauler that is used when I move and otherwise it is storage for things like the snow thrower in the summer/motorcycles in the Winter. I'd love to sell it and get a Tesla Trailer. Hey, Elon, build those Trailers! Bonus points if you figure out how to put batteries in it to feed the Cybertruck while driving!

Things the Cybertruck has that my current truck doesn't but it would be nice if it did
1. Good bed lighting (I have some LEDs but I've seen much better than what I have)
2. T-rails built into the bed. I have the gooseneck built into my truck and have a gooseneck trailer though I'm not sure the CT will be able to tow it. It weighs 5k and 14k when loaded which is within limits but the gooseneck with the sails might be a problem.
3. That tilt-down to facilitate loading would be really nice. I wonder if the whole truck can kneel down to facilitate entry/exit.
4. I like the ramp. I have the tailgate step and have actually walked backwards while carrying my side of a couch right up that ladder into my truck but that ramp puts it on a whole new level
5. The sail storage would be great to keep straps in. You can't put them in the bed storage because Murphy's Law says you never remember the straps until the load is already in the bed. (I keep my straps under the rear seat in a built-in bin but it's not always convenient to make my daughter get up so get the straps under the seat.

I'm sure there are more but I can't think of any right now.
I have seen an overwhelmingly positive response to the digital mirrors on the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. It might be worth checking it out a 2500HD in person when you get the chance. That should be on my list of things to do prior to the Cybertrucks release:

"A multitude of cameras let me keep an eye on this monster's edges. The top-down system stitches together a cohesive view of the surroundings; marker lines show the corners' trajectory, making it a cakewalk to corral the truck in a parking space. Other views show the bed, straight down at the trailer hitch, side blind spots, and an angle of the front as if there's a camera a few feet ahead of the grille. The digital rearview "mirror" is superior to the real thing, providing an accurate depiction unobstructed by the bed. Driver assist features include blind-spot monitors and a following distance indicator showing seconds between the vehicle ahead, but adaptive cruise control is a notable omission, perhaps due to inadvisable use while trailering. Otherwise, the forward collision alert, which flashes on the HUD and vibrates the driver's seat, is a boon—it's a bit hyperactive, but occasional gluteus buzzes are preferable to an actual crash." ~ MT

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I haven't used them before but it's interesting that they actually work for people. I wonder if they're easy to get used to.
It has to.

One day these pickups will be completely self driving and cameras like that are what they'll depend on. Meaning, it will work and better than any traditional mirror setup. The only difference is how people adjust.

For some, it won't be a smooth transitions.

Others, overnight.
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