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Nikola is taking $5,000 deposits for the Badger

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Despite the fact that it's nothing more than a rendering, Nikola has opened reservations for the Badger at a whopping $5,000.

Whoever is seriously considering this is begging to be robbed of $5,000.

Months later, we still haven’t seen a working prototype of the pickup truck, but today, the company decided to start taking reservations with deposits for the Badger.

Ironically, two years ago, Nikola made a big deal of reimbursing all reservations holders for its semi-trucks because it didn’t like to use deposits:

“Great news! All reservations will be refunded 100% and you won’t lose your place in line. We don’t use your money to operate our business. We want everyone to know we have never used a dollar of deposit money to operate the company on like other companies do.”

The mention of “other companies” was believed to be a jab at Tesla who is known to use this reservation model with deposits.

Nikola is now taking $5,000 deposits to reserve the pickup truck, which won’t be unveiled until December.

The company has also partnered with the Diesel Brothers from the Discovery TV show. The two brothers are going to get generous stock compensation for every Badger sold by Nikola, and with the latter’s valuation shooting up to $25 billion, the Diesel Brothers would receive millions if the pickup ever makes it to market.
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