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Share Your In-Person Observations of the Tesla Cybertruck

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With the Cybertruck at Petersen Museum, if you plan to go or have already, then please share your observations here.

from someone that went:
So I had the chance to go see the Cybertruck today and of course the thing is awesome. There are plenty of pictures posted here but here are a couple of observations that may or may not have been stated.
  1. The tow hitch appears to be the same as what the model x uses. I'm hoping that they will just use a standard permanently mounted and welded hitch, not a removable one from the x. It's a truck so a removable one makes sense on your luxury SUV but on my truck, I want a beefy permanent hitch.
  2. There is a dent on the side driver door where Franz hit the truck on the second swing. You can see it at an angle but it is there. Hard to pick up with a camera. Still impressive of course that this is the result of two sledgehammer strikes. I have seen some people question if this is the same truck from the unveiling, but the dent lines up with the hammer strikes so yes it is the same one.
  3. Other than that I came away impressed. If course it's big but not as big as I was expecting. Roughly the size of most full size trucks. It looks better in life than pictures can show. I'm excited to get mine.
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