Elon Musk provided a major update on the Cybertruck during an earnings call.
"Last evening, after the stock market closed, Tesla officially released its Q3 2022 financial report. It was followed by the usual earnings conference call, during which CEO Elon Musk was present, which isn't always the case. For people interested in learning more about the popular Tesla Cybertruck, the report revealed that tooling has already begun for the electric pickup truck at Giga Texas.

Tesla didn't focus on the Cybertruck or really any solitary dominating topic during the call itself. Nonetheless, there were many juicy morsels as there typically are when Musk is present and talking, many of which we've already reported on. However, much more information is available in the actual written report, so you have to go digging.

Teslarati discovered the detail about the Cybertruck in Tesla's Q3 2022 Shareholder deck. There's a page that we've shared with you before that lists the automaker's installed annual vehicle capacity. This page gives people an idea of just how many vehicles Tesla has the capacity to produce at each factory, and it also helps shed light on the company's growth.

With that said, Tesla's vehicles are also listed along with the factory and/or factories where they're built. Where the Model 3, Y, S, and X are listed, the page notes "Production." Near the bottom of the chart, it lists "Roadster" and "Robotaxi and Others" as "In Development." Meanwhile, the Tesla Semi is shown as "Early Production." However, the most interesting change here is that the Cybertruck is now listed with the status of "Tooling."