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Tesla Cybertruck Vs Redesigned 2021 Ford F-150

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Cleaner takes an early deep dive into how the Cybertruck stacks up against the new redesigned F-150. He spends a good chunk of the review focusing on the F-150 hybrid with the tri-motor Cybertruck because they're similarly price and the most powerful versions of each truck.

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For those that are curious about how the F-150 compares to the Cybertruck, here's the full list of its technical specs.

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I am here for the Cybertruck but Ford has a massive edge as anyone should expect from a segment leader. These videos and articles help to look beyond the hype and at actual facts and analysis.

(lots of good quick points in that last one that we should really delve into)
So, Ford is said to be working on the electric F-150 for a 2022 model year launch, same year as the Cybertruck.

When both trucks are out I wonder how sales numbers will correlate to these results from a poll that was done late last year...

That survey also discovered that age was a big factor with the Cybertruck appealing most to younger folks.

Now correlate that chart to the poll below and you might be wondering if there's way too much hype around the Cybertruck. I'm starting to wonder that myself, even being a big fan and known the data here might not exactly represent what will play out when all these pickups are out.

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How important is suspension and off-road capability to everyone here? We could be in for some surprises with the 2021+ Ford F-150 Raptor. Its one area Ford specializes in that Tesla might not be able to touch. I'll be surprised if they can.
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