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Jalopnik is reporting that Tesla is removing features like Autopilot and Ludicrous mode from used cars after they’d been purchased by people who bought the cars with those features enabled.

This is pretty nuts considering that this doesn't happen to other used cars. It's not like you buy a used Ford and they all of a sudden remove the backup camera.

One Tesla owner who reached out, Brett, bought a 2018 Tesla Model X P100D from a Tesla dealership in March 2019. Because the car was a showroom vehicle and the previous year’s model, he got it at a bit of a discount, and the car was equipped with Ludicrous Mode (he confirms it was available as an option in the menu), which was further evidenced by the badging on the car, which featured an underlined P100D badge, which is normally used to indicate a car equipped with Ludicrous Mode from the factory.

Brett added FSD to the car for $5,000 extra, though there were issues with Tesla’s systems knowing he had paid for that option. In the process of confirming he had indeed paid for FSD, Tesla decided he didn’t really pay for Ludicrous Mode (which was originally a $20,000 option) and removed Ludicrous Mode from his car.

When Brett complained, this was the response he received from the Tesla employee on his case:

We have reviewed your situation extensively and while we understand that this misconfiguration may have caused confusion, it would not be fair to those who have paid for Ludicrous Mode to make an exception.
We are happy to help you purchase the upgrade, or you’re welcome to use your vehicle with Insane Mode.
I’m sorry this wasn’t the resolution you were hoping for, but I appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention and thank you for helping to transition the world to sustainable energy.
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