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Tesla Model 3 remains global EV leader despite huge drop in sales

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Even though they lost 75% of sales from March, Tesla still remains the #1 seller of EVs in the world.

Sales figures published by José Pontes of EV Sales suggest around 15,000 Tesla vehicles (including 12,000 Model 3 sedans) were sold globally in April, down from 60,000 units sold in March (nearly 50,000 of which were Model 3s).

For the Model 3, it equates to an 80% drop in sales, perhaps explaining the urgency – ranging from daring local authorites to arrest him, and threats of moving Tesla HQ to Texas – with which Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk wanted to reopen the company’s Fremont factory.

Despite the fall, which nearly doubled the global fall in EV sales for the month, Tesla retained its pole position in the market ahead of BMW, Volkswagen and China’s BYD. However, if Tesla is to achieve its goal to “comfortably exceed” more than 500,000 EV sales in 2020, it will need a rapid increase for the rest of the year. Its current total stands at 104,000.

The sales figures paint the story of a slowdown that has been seen across the auto market during the pandemic, where EV sales have only dropped by 30% compared to the wider market’s 45% drop for April.
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