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It was a rough day today at Pikes Peak for this Model 3...
(saw it on FB)

Pikes Peak is one of the world’s most dangerous events. Deaths are all too frequent and a large number of cars end up destroyed every year. Nonetheless drivers and builders accept the severe risks to participate in one of the world’s ultimate motorsport challenges. In the end, a single small mistake is all it takes to go from a winner to disaster. Today we went from likely exhibition class winner to disaster. Most importantly, our fearless driver and friend Randy Pobst is safe and our safety equipment worked as planned. Unfortunately our car ended a huge winning streak with a severe crash today. We were running the top of the mountain and the road this year is extremely bumpy in sections. In Randy’s first morning run he set out with a very aggressive speed, cold tires and had his first encounter with a very bad bump at speeds that he could not recover. Even the greatest drivers in these challenging conditions can make judgement calls that can lead to heartbreaking outcomes. Randy described afterwards that he should have ran the first session slower to evaluate the conditions and ultimately that ended our quest to break the 10 minute barrier with the car. Our respect for Randy is enormous and unwavering. In events like this we entrust our cars to Randy and when things don’t go according to plan we must rebuild and forge ahead.
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