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Tesla Solar Roof Option

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A solar roof option that will add 15 miles of range per day will be a very first for Tesla.

The Cybertruck will be the first Tesla to get it, with availability on other Tesla's expected to follow. Although it isn't clear when that will happen:

I think this is going to be a game-changer and Tesla’s new “killer app,” so to speak.
Like a lot of new features that Tesla introduces, I believe Tesla is first going to launch it in the Cybertruck as a differentiating feature (not that Cybertruck needs more of those) and later leverage its experience with the solar roof to introduce it to other cars.
Cybertruck is ideal for the first vehicle to receive the product from Tesla since it has more surface area to embed solar cells and therefore, it’s easier to achieve more energy generation.
One of the problems with solar cars is making them look good with solar cells. I know not everyone cares about what a car looks like, but I can assure you that it is a big deal for a lot of people, especially in premium segments like Tesla vehicles.
Tesla is already building a lot of experience in making solar cells look good with its Solarglass roof tiles.
They can likely take some of the expertise working on Solarglass for the solar roof for cars.
Solarglass is not the only experience that will be useful to build the new feature. Tesla is also employing dozens of engineers who have experience working on solar cars as part of the popular Solar Car Challenges between engineering schools.
Once it’s deployed on Cybertruck, they will gain more experience with the feature, and as the efficiency of the solar cell improves, I believe that Tesla is going to start releasing the feature on other electric vehicles.
In conclusion, there have been other solar roof systems on cars before, but they have been more of a gimmick than anything else. I think Tesla is in a great position to take the feature to a whole new level — starting with the Cybertruck, but also with other vehicles afterward.
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I'm very interested in the solar roof but there's two things I need to see first. The first thing is how durable it's going to be (the last thing i need is it breaking) and the second thing is how effectively it will add additional power/range.
Durability doesn't concern me but the range sure does and when the cost of adding it begins to pay off. And some other automakers haven't added it for that very same reason, Tesla being one of them. But maybe there are ways to make the tech better?

On effectiveness,
Tesla could very well offer a solar roof option for campers that it sells or someone else. Letting that real estate go to waste would be terrible. If Elon's solar roof range numbers stack up to real world reports then we could easily double that here. And possibly mitigate what gets lost with towing.
A bonus would also be electric 'jerry cans' for any excess.

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