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Data crowdsourced by more than 1400 members of the Tesla enthusiast community, and shared with CybertruckTalk.com, reveals the top states for CyberTruck reservations. Although Tesla has not published figures regarding the distribution of CyberTruck orders by region, this is a look at where the CyberTruck is most popular! It’s not surprising to see that California is the most popular state, but some of the others on the list might surprise you!

Top 10 States for Cybertruck Pre-Orders

1. California (12.9%)
2. Texas (6.3%)
3. Florida (5.43%)
4. Washington (4.13%)
5. Arizona (3.84%)
6. Colorado (3.26%)
7. New York (2.68%)
8. North Carolina (2.32%)
9. Georgia (2.17%)
10. Virginia (2.03%)

How similar do you think these figures will be to the official figures that have not been released yet?

Contribute to the worldwide Cybertruck reservation tracker here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1--6OR9ECwSwZdkOtWkuslJVCyAAfQv1eJal1fdngfsk


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No kidding! I think I'm the only one in South Carolina so far; shouldn't have any problems finding it in a parking lot then...?
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