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A safety expert said "for the Cybertruck to attain legal status [in Europe], "strong modifications to the basic structure" need to be made."

I suggest waiting for official word from European regulators on the Cybertrucks being road legal before continue on with your pre-order, as you'll read about here:
"The odd-shape of the Cybertruck has been the talk of the town since it was launched, and it doesn’t seem to be fit for the European roads according to an expert. As reported by Spiegel Online, Stephan Teller, an automotive functional safety expert at SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH, has said that the Cybertruck in this form cannot clear the European standards for safety."

And in case you're wondering WHY it's not a problem in the U.S....
"In the U.S., automakers have the option to certify the cars themselves in terms of road-worthiness. However, that’s not the case in Europe. There automakers have to go through a string of different criteria that involves the automaker itself, the government, and independent technical services like the TÜV. Also, the Cybertruck qualifies as a light-duty truck in the States which exempts in from passive safety of the occupants. On the other hand, Europe is stringent about passive and pedestrian safety."
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